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In Defense of Ms. Honey, Matilda’s Kindergarten Teacher

10 Sep

I just found a website with a post titled, “Ann Coulter accurately describes Kindergarten Teachers as “useless public sector workers” with the following comment:

“From what I see she’s dead right in this time . I went to kindergarten in the summer before first grade (1962), was taught by my soon to be first grade teacher and I hated it , but I learned by rote the alphabet , the vowels ( long and short sounds ) how to count to 100 by 1s , 10s , and 5s , and by 2 to 10 . In just a few weeks in the summer . Tell this to most teachers today and they look at me like they’re going to cry , but it worked .”

Thanks, gentilekevin. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the political/social/economic environment has changed a bit since 1962. My defense for the Kindergarten Teacher, whom I enormously respect:

“Actually, kindergarten teachers have an incredibly difficult job. The most crucial years of a child’s development are the years BEFORE the child enters readiness or kindergarten. If kids are at any socioeconomic disadvantages (i.e. a single mom does not have time to read her child bedtime stories), the child enters school already behind the rest of the class. It is up to the kindergarten teacher to remediate a child that has never even had formal education. If a child falls behind in kindergarten, they are more likely to be academically disadvantaged for the next thirteen years of schooling.”

Let’s not hate. Appreciate.

If I can’t convince you of it, let Ms. Honey, the ultimate Kindergarten queen.

A glass of water and some maternal love for kids from bad homes? Yes, yes, yes!


Ann Coulter “Kindergarten Teachers are Useless”

10 Sep

I hate to play into Ann Coulter’s hands, but sometimes I just can’t help decrying her awful, awful soul.

Commentator: “I don’t want to say that kindergarten teachers are useless. I don’t.”

Ann Coulter: “Yeah, well, I will.”

Fox News gives her the spotlight once again:

Click to watch the video.

OR watch it HERE: http://crooksandliars.com/john-amato/ann-coulter-attacks-kindergarten-teache