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All the Single Ladies

15 May

“MOST important, neither entrepreneurs nor the rich have a monopoly on brains, sweat or risk. There are scientists — and artists and scholars — who are just as smart as any entrepreneur, only they are interested in different rewards. A single mother holding down a job and putting herself through community college works just as hard as any hedge fund manager. A person who takes out a mortgage — or a student loan, or who conceives a child — on the strength of a job she knows she could lose at any moment (thanks, perhaps, to one of those job creators) assumes as much risk as someone who starts a business.”

Hell yeah! Check out this pretty angry and wonderful article HERE.

Be proud, Beyonce


The Big Decisions (also: Indian Art is Everywhere)

14 May

The big decisions are coming at an alarming rate.

Luckily, even alarming rates have their speeds, and nothing can move faster than a mind that has trained itself to slow down.

So slow down.

My life seems to be turning (slowly) toward slowing down. I may sound 80 years old when writing this, but my pace and desires are gradually unquickening.

Like rolling out a large Fruit by the Foot.

Though I am facing big decisions in my life, my mind is absorbing them at a slow rate. I am learning to wait. To wait and see the answer my life is slowly unfolding around me.

I am fortunate to have opportunity.  I now need to let my form be molded, a carpenter with his lathe.

First image under Google for search “Carpenter with his Lathe”

In the classroom, a huge aspect of learning is pace. Why should we ever move on without fully learning the lesson at hand?

I am moving slowly to make the good decision.

3rd image.