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Attention Michigan Educators!

20 May

This is cool. Way to go Michigan for incorporating the natural/real world into curriculum!

The Academy of Natural Resources offers educators the opportunity to learn about Michigan’s diverse natural resources, discover current trends in their management and experience activities that bring this knowledge to the classroom. Four separate sections are offered, each with a different emphasis but all benefitting Michigan educators who wish to blend natural resources themes into their school curricula.

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Bun In the Oven

18 May

Also, my apologies for lack posts lately. I’m expecting a certain bebe to arrive any day, and have been rather consumed with anticipation. 🙂

Getting Involved: Fixing the Ineffective Classroom

18 May

Heavy Duty.

Baaaaaaaad teachers. The media’s all about it. And as parents, educators, and college students, so are we. There’s much talk about tenure, unions, and how to get the bad teachers out. Michelle Rhee’s firing of roughly 1,000 teachers during her 3 & 1/2 year tenure in D.C. wasn’t exactly popular, further proving how important it is to have strong, research based criteria in determining what constitutes a bad teacher and the legitimacy behind the firing.

There is no doubt that some teachers need to change their tactics or retire from the classroom. Teachers are frustrated with the poor performance of colleagues; after all, who likes to bust ass at her job, performing at a high standard while her co-worker sits in the next cubicle and twiddles her thumbs, receiving the same pay and benefits? Continue reading

Fast Moves with Fast Cash: the New Cure-All for Education!

3 May

Just don't read the small print.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is pairing up with the Pearson Foundation to fund a new curriculum for schools! Yee-haw!

The project will develop a comprehensive, 24 course curriculum in English Language Arts and Mathematics. The curriculum will, of course, follow the Common Core Standards and include digital resources, tools for professional development, and (get ready for this!) pre-fabricated assessments. How wonderful!

Of course, only 4 of the 24 courses developed will be offered for free. Continue reading

Free Webinar – Increasing Literacy Among English Language Learners

1 May

Who doesn’t love free things, especially the budget-minded, learning hungry pre-service teacher.  Here’s a link for a free seminar (one hour) regarding the latest research and strategies on improving literacy among ELL students! Wahoo! Thanks, Education Week.


(Webinar takes place on May 4th, at 2:00pm Eastern Time!)