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More of The Incredulous – Michigan Actually Did This?

4 Sep

I’m trying to read more/do more research on education policies in Michigan so I can be better informed and thereby better inform my readers. I just read this, straight off the MDE website (MI Dpt. of Education):

“Who pays Emergency Financial Managers? – Pursuant to Section 18 of the Act, an Emergency Financial Manager is entitled to compensation paid by the unit of local government for which he or she is appointed. The Local Emergency Financial Assistance Loan Board establishes the level of compensation and also approves actual and necessary expenses.”

Hold a goshdarn minute here, folks. Did I just read that when the state decides to shut down local government due to financial instability, the state requires the economically starving local governement to compensate the very person that has replaced the authority of the local government?



I thought that the reason the Emergency Financial Manager was coming in was to repair the destitute condition of the decaying district, not scrounge up the remaining dollars and lap them up like an insatiable hound.

Roy Roberts, feelin' smug.

Great job, Granholm and Snyder.

Read the document HERE. It’s downright scary.


A $40,000 SUV: the Natural Choice for a Dying District

11 Aug

Sometimes you need to search for the incredulous. Other times, it hits you in the face.

A news article I just stumbled upon could have been found on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Titled “DPS’ chief Roberts defends purchase of $40,000 SUV with district funds,” I doubled checked my news source. Yup. Detroit Free Press. Doubled checked the acronym. Yup. Detroit Public Schools.

The same DPS that is $327 million in debt? The one that’s closing half its schools? And what about that new budget?

Oh, that’s right. When the old guy failed to resolve the $327 million in debt in five years, we (or should I say the Honorable Governor Snyder, who took away Michigan citizens’ voting power)  replaced him with a guy who talks about $40,000 SUV’s as if every man, woman, and infant baby in Detroit could purchase one.

“”I’m driving the heck out of it.”

Haha! You’re a funny man, Roy Roberts!

There she is, Big, Shiny, and Oh-so-necessary.

Roy Roberts and his jocular manner regarding his new purchase with district funds reflects on his ability to act as DPS’ “Emergency Financial Manager.” The lone wolf (dare I use the word?) with ALL THE POWER thanks to Snyder’s new law. Did I mention he’s an ex GM executive? Oh, and his measly contract of one year only allows him a salary of $250,000.

How strange.

For more info on Michigan’s latest snake:

“Roy Roberts New Financial Manager For Detroit Schools”