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Glenn Beck vs. Jon Stewart: the Wisconsin Rumble

6 Mar

Courtesy of the Glenn Beck Wikipedia site

Courtesy of the Jon Stewart Wikipedia site












Click the link below for an article from the Huffington Post and a segment of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.


Just a warning: Stewart’s segment does have a “liberal” bias.


Click the link below for a segment of Glenn Beck’s radio show, courtesy of the Glenn Beck website.


Another warning: Beck’s segment does have a “conservative” bias.


It’s all entertainment, folks.


Wisconsin: The National Uproar and the Rolling Stones

4 Mar

The longer the Wisconsin fiasco is dragged out, the further the issue moves from the heart of education: the kids.

Governor Scott Walker recognizes there needs to be drastic reform to the education system. However, the governor is looking at the issue from a purely financial standpoint: he needs to cut the budget. Those employed in the public school systems also recognize the need for education reform: they work daily under laws and legislatures that are failing to improve public schools. However, both sides are so caught up in their rigorous political agendas that one key element is being forgotten: the kids in the Wisconsin public schools.

Let’s face it: bargaining rights, pension payments, health care, and Scott Walker’s bill have nothing to do with the actual education (i.e. improving the achievement) of Wisconsin’s kids. These components of the great Wisconsin debate have everything to do with the politics of education. We have Republicans and Democrats doing what they always seem to do best: rigidly advocating the agenda, regardless of the cost. Continue reading