If You Don’t Care, You’re Not a Punk, You’re JUST LAZY

3 Jun

Please email Rick Snyder at this email to assert your support or concern for the issue of hydraulic fracturing: rick.snyder@michigan.gov

My email read as follows:

Dear Governor Rick Synder,

I am a concerned citizen regarding fracking. I have signed petitions calling for the new deep fracking to be banned, as it is new technology, with unknown long-term effects. I recently received your response via moveon.org.

First you state that fracking has been occurring safely since the 1960s. This particular type of fracking is new technology, with new implications and issues. You stating that the past fracking has been safely practiced is arbitrary. Again, “our experience” with hydralic fracturing being safe is utterly useless in regard to this new technology.

I suppose what most upsets me about your email is that I feel you did not actually address the issues which are on the table. You state that the DEQ is committed to environmental quality; as DEQ is an acronym for “Department of Environmental Quality,” this is redundant and a bit insulting. As history has shown time and again, institutions need we the people to monitor their government and institutions to ensure actual quality, and this is what we are doing.

You say that the DEQ enforces strict regulations to ensure that no fluids contaminate freshwater sources; are these similar to the regulations that ensure that sulfide will not come into contact with freshwater sources during nickel/copper/sulfide mining? After you talk about how safe these regulations are, you then state that we have more regulations in place so that we can adequately deal with spills. There’s some of the truth – you, I, and the people of the great state of Michigan all know that this new hydraulic fracturing causes contamination to freshwater sources. Pennsylvania is one example of the impacts of this new technology:  http://www.npr.org/2012/05/17/152268501/pennsylvania-doctors-worry-over-fracking-gag-rule

You state that MSDS will be provided so that we can know what we are doing when it comes to cleaning up spills. These are wonderful protection measures after the fact. I don’t want to see after the fact, and neither do the people of Michigan. I want prevention.

Another issue I have with the MSDS is the fact that the information is not public; you say that the DEQ will “post this information on their site,” but if the chemical compounds are protected under federal law, what is the DEQ going to post?

If this new hydraulic fracturing is so safe, why is the government protecting the chemical identities of chemicals used by the drilling companies? This is absolutely outrageous. Please, Governor Snyder, ask yourself that question out loud. Why would the government hide information from the people? To keep us safe? If this is the answer, the logic is backwards.

Your job as governor is to hear the voice of the people; I know we are many voices, but I beg of you, hear mine, my brother, my sister, my neighbor. Please call for a hold on fracking until we understand how to harness this powerful technology.


Jaime VanEnkevort
Marquette, Michigan


Learn more about fracking at: http://www.watershedcouncil.org/learn/hydraulic-fracturing/


One Response to “If You Don’t Care, You’re Not a Punk, You’re JUST LAZY”

  1. Jbone June 3, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Earth mother spittin some truth y’all! So, what it do?

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