Dear 80 Year Old Me

7 Aug

Social media confounds me. It’s elusive. Especially when I’m trying to be an analog woman in a digital world.

Me. Attempting to modernize.

Yet I’m trying to be analog while simultaneously advocating to my generation. The generation of Facebook.

What am I doing?

I’m blinding stumbling through linking a new Twitter account to a Blog I haven’t fully figured out while deleting my Facebook because I believe it’s indulgent and useless. Yet I’m replacing it with a “business” Facebook to generate more views.

What in the hell?

The technological world has offered us a brand new labyrinth in which to lose ourselves. And unlike Jim Hensen’s version, I don’t have the promise of defeating David Bowie in a moment of empowering self actualization at the end. I could spend hours, days even, lost in the many varied corridors of the web, just trying to figure out the best ways to link Twitter and WordPress and fine tuning every little detail to look more professional.

All the while the real world glitters beyond the infinite space of the web and I’m pissed off that I’m trying to figure this stuff out when I could be spending the hours in nature. Yet in order to try and reach the generation I’m a part of, I must compromise and integrate technology in my life. Which means figuring it out.

The Real World.

My Backyard.

What I'm Missing.

I feel like I’m eighty years old. I remember hearing a story about an old lady in the 50’s who refused to buy a refrigerator. Every year, she salted meats and canned jams, dried food, vegetables. Then she finally gave in and she marveled at how easy it all was. Why isn’t this happening for me?

I just want to frolic outside, write poems, and reach my generation through the physical means of “Hello, how are you? My name’s Jaime” and a handshake. Yet social media, THIS, this is the way to my people’s hearts. And I’m coming to grips with my inadequacy, yet valiantly bearing on. Go 80 year old me.

Never too young to learn how much left there is to learn.


One Response to “Dear 80 Year Old Me”

  1. lvan August 9, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    51-year old me feels pretty much the same…yet it’s not THE technology but HOW it’s used! lv

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