The Power of Politics

3 Aug

National politics are funny.

Many people  turn to politics because they believe it can help them become more informed; that knowing the issues and the political scene may help them affect the political scene, and thereby affect their world.

The funny thing about it is that often, you just end up the politician amongst your group of friends/colleagues/coworkers. You talk a lot about issues you’re not doing anything about and have little power to affect. To top it off, you’re righteous AND angry.

We want YOU - to feel good!

Yet knowing about the national political scene makes a person feel more involved with their world. There is a sort of “I’m doing good just by knowing this and making others aware” feeling.

Making others aware?

Most people who are already not aware of a particular national political agenda will not care when you make them “aware.” In fact, most of the people who show up to events to spread awareness are those who are already very aware. It will take a spontaneous act of the heavens on behalf of the spectator/listener to engage him or her in a political conversation about which they previously did not care.

However, let the issue affect some potent aspect of the spectator/listener’s being and then you have TWO angry and righteous individuals.

The only way these two “ready to make a difference” individuals could ever make a difference would be to forget the national agenda and create programs locally that support their position – OR – advocate locally against the national political agenda and amass a local, growing mass of people who agree and fight the national agenda.

Which brings me back to the first problem – how do you amass a large group of people on one particular political agenda if they do not care about the issue. Do we have to wait until something terrible happens at the national level which affects the population to such a degree that each individual feels his or her rights have been violated? I had thought that issues in education would interest almost everyone, as public education is something that affects us all. I thought that all education majors, at the very least, would want to gather on issues in education and start up a movement.

So how do you start a movement? Half of us are busy with the feel good of making others “aware” while the other half desperately fails to amass enough people to make a noticeable local change. Do we wait until the government takes more and more control until we knock our head against the obvious and say, “Oh, shit.” ?

Because by this point it would be, well, almost too late.

See Brother Ali for a better rendition of fighting the man.


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